Magazine Featured – Alpaca Elopement Photoshoot

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Others & Features

Everyone loves a good Alpaca moment, right? I was so excited when I met the wonderful and talented Chettara and found out she was planning an Alpaca elopement photoshoot. Why? Because she needed a florist! I didn’t have to be asked twice before I agreed to the gig with a huge yes. This was a distinctive opportunity that I’d never heard of before but I was definitely up for the opportunity. Alpacas on the job? C’mon, I couldn’t refuse! 

My New Furry Coworkers

When I met my new fluffy coworkers, I was astounded to see that the Alpaca farm we were working on housed more than 60 Alpacas. Each one was microchipped and insured. Some Alpacas were worth over half a million dollars, just because of their fur! It was an incredibly unique and fun experience, as well as a huge learning lesson. It’s safe to say I had never worked over a photoshoot like this one, and there’s something about working with Alpacas that ends up teaching you a lot. For example, I can now confidently say I know the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama, as well as their difference in habitats. 

A Photoshoot to Remember

We had a marvelous and blessed time working with the Alpacas. It was also very cool to learn that this photoshoot was featured on Wedding Day Magazine. This Alpaca shoot proved that pets and furry friends of any kind can dazzle up any wedding themed shoot! Also, I had the chance to bring my daughter with me, and she was captured on camera as being the “Alpaca Whisperer” on site! I was very grateful to be able to bring my daughter with me so she could see me on the job, as well as have the chance to enjoy these lovely fluffy Alpacas! It’s these unique opportunities that make me feel incredibly grateful to do what I do! Until next time, Alpacas! By the way, check out the gorgeous final product of the photoshoot here: Wedding Day

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Featured Wedding: Sarah & Radislav

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Simplify Your Wedding Planning: The 2-in-1 Service Solution

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