Featured Wedding: Ashley & Donte

by | Apr 21, 2019 | Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Ashley & Donte

Charles H. Wright Museum – Detroit, Michigan | Photographer – Lume Photography

In the wedding business, it’s very important to have reliable, skilled, and overall incredible vendors. It makes the process a whole lot easier and makes for an incredible outcome for the couple. In addition, great vendors make the planning process more fun. We get to work together to create the ultimate wedding day and challenge one another to step out of our comfort zone. 

I can honestly say that collaborating with other vendors is the highlight of my floral design job, which is why I talk about it so much. The beautiful weddings we create together always seem to surprise me, and Ashley’s baking skills are just what every event needs to reach a whole new level.

Introducing…The Dulce Experience

Ashley from The Dulce Experience recommended my floral design services to a bride, which was an exciting request. It was an honor to work with her again, and I loved every moment of it! 

I’ve actually spoken about Ashley before on my blog. One of the first things I learned about her was how straightforward she was. She’s always willing to go above and beyond, which is always a plus. As a floral designer, watching her integrate the fresh flowers I’ve gathered into her wedding cake displays has been both refreshing and exhilarating. It’s always exciting to work with her.

The Wedding: A Champagne and Green Theme

The bride, also named Ashley, was such a sweetheart. The entire planning process for the wedding was done over email, but this didn’t hinder our creativity and vision at all. She gave me a few ideas on what she liked, and I took over from there.  

The color scheme for the wedding was green and champagne. All of the bridesmaids wore champagne-colored dresses and carried greenery for bouquets. I enjoy working with a more simplistic look, making the floral designs look more natural. Of course, I love creating pops of color when the situation calls for it, but the relaxed, nature feel of this project was something different and enjoyable to be a part of.

Learn More

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area and are looking for exquisite baking skills for your next event, then don’t hesitate to check out The Dulce Experience. And as always, if you’re in need of floral design services, reach out to Design Quintessentials. We have a desire for creating beautiful floral designs while also keeping practicality in mind. We also enjoy collaborating with other wonderful artists and visionaries in the area to make your dream a reality.

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