Design Quintessentials Takes California: Floral Design in Marina Del Ray

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Others & Features

Family Time 

Some of my favorite time in the world is the time that I get to enjoy with my family. And this family time is even more special when it brings together family members across generations. My grandmother is 94-years young and she loves to see her great-grandkids. So I make it a priority to visit sunny California at least twice a year. If it was not for work and other commitments, I would visit even more frequently. 

But, I also like to combine family time with work adventures, so I … 

Embracing Floral Design in Marina Del Ray 

Marina Del Ray is a beautiful seaside community. The natural beauty of the community means that it is ideal to explore floral design in Marina Del Ray. The harbor that is filled with small crafts and the area’s plethora of scenic bridges are an amazing backdrop for floral designs in Marina Del Ray.  

Given the time constraints of this trip, I decided to do a quick photoshoot with a photographer that I met online in a “styled shoot across America.” The more limited size of this shoot meant that I did not have to stress as much about logistics and that I could focus all of my energy on making the floral design in Marina Del Ray truly pop out for viewers. 

We Explored Countless Locations 

Recognizing that Marina Del Ray is a uniquely beautiful setting for any photoshoot, we did not just stop at the harbor. We also visited a nearby beach and the photographer, Laureanne Villarosa was able to grab some amazing shots there. I also had the pleasure of meeting great local vendors, makeup artist, hair stylist and models, creating stunning joint projects. 

When we were finally packing up to go back home, I found myself wondering… what would it be like to do more floral design in California? It’s always nice to have that as an option!

Photography |  Laureanne Villarosa

Floral Design Design Quintessentials

Stationery | The Paper Creation

Model| @amberrosemodels / @julie_yudina1

Makeup| @muacedilloalma

Hair| @kimdelrosal

Dress| @beverlyhillsbridal (Venice Canals) / @fashionnova (beach)

Ring Box| @sunnydaysringbox

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