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We Don’t Charge More When The Word “Wedding” Is Involved

One of the most damaging rumors that exist in the wedding industry is the concept of the mysterious wedding premium. This is the idea that wedding vendors immediately artificially inflate their prices when they hear that the event they are working on is a wedding. For example, rumors abound that a wedding photographer may inflate their prices five to ten times for a wedding compared with an anniversary or birthday party. Similar rumors exist about how wedding floral design prices are dramatically marked up. 

Where Did This Rumor Come From, and Why Is It So Damaging? 

Like with many rumors, it’s hard to track where this one started. I like to chalk it up to market economics. People understand that their weddings are likely to cost a lot, and they believe that suppliers, like wedding vendors, see dollar signs and respond with higher prices. The truth, though, is that wedding vendors are highly ethical, and most of us are in the business for the long term. We’re not looking to milk the last drop of money from a bridal couple. Instead, we are looking to develop long-term relationships. 

At Design Quintessentials, we also believe that these nebulous rumors about wedding premiums are fundamentally damaging. In our experience, the most beautiful wedding experiences happen when there is lots of trust and open communication between the couple and their designers. This trust could be eroded if a couple thinks they are receiving unfair or grossly inflated pricing. 

The Realities Behind The Rumors 

The first thing to remember is yes, weddings are expensive. However, weddings are expensive not because vendors are artificially inflating prices. Instead, they are costly because weddings have hundreds of moving parts, and coordinating these moving parts into a cohesive and seamless whole is time-consuming and, thus, expensive. 

At Design Quintessentials, our price for flower designs, and other wedding details, is based on both material costs for flowers and the time it takes to bring your vision to life. 

Let’s imagine the following example. A couple is having a large wedding with 300 invitees. Given that most wedding tables seat 8-12 guests, this likely means at least 30 tables at your venue. This also means 30 floral centerpieces, and prices can skyrocket for this amount of floral design. 

It’s also important to remember that our work doesn’t end in our design studio. We also need to transport these arrangements to and from the venue, set them up before the event, and break them down afterward. Also, remember that many popular venues are booked with multiple weddings on the weekend. This may mean operating with very tight timelines and needing to hire additional help to get everything set up and beautiful for the wedding. 

When you think about all of these pieces, the price tag for wedding floral designs begins to make more sense. 

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At Design Quintessentials, we understand how persistent rumors are about wedding premiums and price mark-ups. But, we always strive to be transparent with our couples and communicate to them why prices look the way they do. To learn more about this and begin the process of transforming your wedding day dreams into reality, schedule your initial consultation today on our website! 

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Ching & I first worked together on one of our clients’ weddings & she did an incredible job! From her communication to her absolutely stunning florals! Afterwards she reached out to me to do a styled shoot together! She worked on getting fabulous new local wedding vendors to our venue, The Roostertail. Organizing a styled shoot takes more than most people realize but she handled everything in a professional and friendly manner! Since then I have personally reached out to her paper invitation company for two different projects!"

"Thank you Ching for all your hard work when working together!

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