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Elegant Floral &
Paper Designs

At Design Quintessentials, we help you uncover what is most meaningful to you and showcase those elements through elegant floral and paper designs.

Elegant Designs

Showcasing what is most meaningful to you through elegant floral and paper designs.

Free Consultation

We’ll meet one-on-one to discuss your event, all of your needs and details, and to see if we’re a good fit.

Customized Proposal

You’ll get a custom proposal that itemizes each service before you sign. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges whatsoever!

Cohesive Design

From fresh flowers to paper goods, we’ll curate a cohesive design for you that is elegant and unique.

Mood Board

Before we begin creating for your event, we’ll provide you with a Mood Board: a visual tool that helps you preview your designs — the colors, flowers, arrangements, etc. 

Stress-free Planning

Our process is simple and stress-free. At the end, you’ll enjoy a beautifully designed event that truly represents you. 

Clear Communication

We are a quick text or email away. So, whenever you have thoughts or questions, you know right where to find us. 

Have you ever struggled to find that perfect designer?

When you’re planning an event, you have enough to do. Why waste precious time struggling to find someone who takes the time to truly get you?

At Design Quintessentials, we’ve created our Elegant Designs service to make the process as easy as possible while still capturing what is most meaningful to you throughout your designs.

14 Years of Experience

We have 14 years of experience creating and delivering elegant designs with fresh flowers and paper goods. 

Hundreds of Clients Served

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the Metro Detroit area, and we’ve designed everything from weddings to showers to Bar or Bat Mitzvahs. 

Thousands of Designs

We have hand-crafted thousands of fresh floral and paper designs for all sorts of events. 

Our simple,
three-step process

1. Consult

Using our in-depth questionnaire and a free live call, we’ll get a sense of who you are and what is important to you.

We’ll work together to create a proposal for fresh floral and paper goods.

2. Customize

We’ll draw inspiration for your designs from Pinterest, photos of past events, professional color palettes, among others.

Then, to ensure we’ve captured exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll use these materials to create a custom mood board for you to review.

3. Create

Once we’ve got a full understanding of what you like, we’ll get to work by designing and producing your paper goods.

Finally, we’ll create your elegant floral arrangements, and then deliver and set them up at your venue on the day of your event.

Quin •

 tes •

 sen •


Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class

At Design Quintessentials, we know how important it is for you to be represented in your event.

To do that, you need to identify which elements of your personality and your interests are most important, and then weave them throughout your event.

The challenge is finding a designer who takes the time to truly understand you and what you want. It’s so easy to feel uncertain and overwhelmed.

We believe that finding a designer who gets you shouldn’t be difficult. Also, we understand how frustrating it is to waste precious time searching for that special designer, especially while you have so many other things to attend to.

That’s why we created Elegant Designs, a fresh floral and paper goods design service that showcases you.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Consult: Using our in-depth questionnaire and a free live call, we’ll work with you to create a proposal for fresh floral and paper goods.

2. Customize: We’ll draw inspiration for your designs from a variety of sources, including samples from around the web, photos of past events, and professional color palettes.

Then, to ensure we’ve captured exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll use these materials to create a custom mood board for you to review

3. Create: Then, we’ll get to work by designing and producing your paper goods. And last, we’ll create your elegant floral arrangements, and then deliver and set them up at your venue on the day of your event.

So, to avoid the worry about finding a designer who gets you, and instead spend more time looking forward to your event, book a free consultation today.

And, in the meantime, take a look at our Portfolio to see hundreds of examples of our past work.

Our favorite clients review our Portfolio!

Every artist is unique, and we want you to be sure you love the work we do.

Before you book a consultation, check out our Portfolio and make sure you love our designs!

Our Portfolio


Each client is unique, and so we create a unique Proposal for each client.

While we can’t provide exact pricing, here’s what you can expect:

Our typical fee is between $3,000 and $6,000, and it includes full design, delivery, and setup.

On average, our typical client spends around $4,500.

I’m Ching,

and I started Design Quintessentials in 2007 after I struggled to plan my own wedding. I wanted a single design for my wedding that truly represented me, and it was nearly impossible to find designers who could make it happen.

Plus, trying to communicate my vision to multiple vendors, on top of everything else I already had to do, was a struggle I wished I could avoid.

This is exactly the kind of struggle our clients have before working with us. And, it’s exactly why I’d love to help you plan your event.

After getting my degree in graphic design and completing training with an American Institute of Floral Design-certified teacher, I set out to create a single service that would capture my clients’ unique personalities and interests in a cohesive, elegant design.

Through our simple, three-step plan, I’ve created unique floral and paper designs for hundreds of events, from weddings, to birthdays, to styled shoots.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me at home with my husband, our two kids, and our cat Bella, and I’m probably cooking. Or eating. Or, one of my favorite things to do: sleeping!

If you’re looking for a designer who can capture who you truly are in floral and paper designs, I would love to work with you.

To get started, book a consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your consultations happen in person or virtually?

For the initial consultation, we’ll meet virtually or via phone. Once you’ve signed, we’ll schedule an in-depth meeting which may be in person.

Can you create mockups of my designs?

Because we have to purchase supplies, and mockups have no resale value, unfortunately we cannot provide mockups for you.

We will work incredibly hard to get your designs just right through our process, including providing a Mood Board for you to review. 

Do you offer packages or is everything customized?

 We don’t offer packages as we believe each client is  unique. We’ll customize a Proposal just for you!

What happens after I get my quote?

We’ll send a Proposal for you to accept.

Proposals are valid for a limited time, usually two weeks. We’ll hold your date for you during this time.

If not booked within the deadline, we’ll release the date. 

Do you have a wedding flower gallery I can see?

Our Portfolio is a great spot to see a curated selection of our designs.

Also, Instagram has most of our current work!

(Plus, remember to check out the Instagram Stores for even more behind-the-scenes content.)

How far in advance do I need to book?

Typically we book any where from 6 months to a year in advance. It also depends on the date and the season.

The earlier you book, the more likely it will be that we will have the date you want.

Can you recreate designs from photos?

We are happy to review any photos you have. However, photos are used for inspiration only. 

We do not copy or replicate designs. 

We will take everything you provide, add in our creativity and experience, and produce designs that are unique for you!

Is a consultation required?

Yes, our initial chat is where we discuss your budget and design options.

Are there delivery / setup / take down fees?

The fee ranges from 15% to 25% of your overall flower cost.

The cost varies by how much work is required, if we need to get extra assistants, how much setup time we have at the venue, etc.

Additionally, for transporting large centerpieces, there may be a charge for a large vehicle.

Ultimately, all fees will be outlined in your proposal for your review before booking!


Do you provide flowers for other events besides weddings?

Yes, we provide flowers for all types of events!

This includes everything from corporate events to bridal and baby showers to birthday parties!

Showcase what is most meaningful to you.

If you want your event to highlight the best of you in every design, from fresh floral to paper goods, we should work together. Book a free consultation today!