5 Must-Know Wedding Color Schemes of 2018

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Facts & Fun

Weddings are full of choices! From the dress that a bride walks down the aisle in to the food that is served at the wedding dinner. However, almost no choice is more important than the color scheme that the couple selects.

The Importance of Color Schemes

Color schemes tell friends and family so much about a couple, such as their personalities, culture, and the love that they share. For example, some couples love vibrant colors that show off their spunky personality, whereas other couples prefer quieter pastel color schemes.

Picking wedding colors, however, is not just about personality. It is also about matching colors to the wedding venue and the season of the year. For example, deep red flowers with dark evergreen accents may work well for a winter wedding in a snowy northern climate. However, these same color schemes may look badly out of place at a destination beach wedding or at a spring garden service. If you’re unsure of what color scheme to select for your big day, it may help to consult a wedding florist.

Consult A Wedding Florist

A wedding florist can tell you if a color scheme will make finding matching flowers a challenge. For example, you may have your heart set on orange and grey as your color scheme. But, finding orange roses in January may be an impossible or very costly endeavor. A knowledgeable wedding florist can save you lots of money by knowing the in’s and out’s of the industry. They also should be in touch with what colors are currently trending.

Top 5 Wedding Color Schemes of 2018

Here at Design Quintessentials, we’ve been consulting with a lot of couples that are leaning towards colors in the purple family, which is very timely. In December 2017, Pantone announced and released its Color of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet (18-3838). This yearly release is always a big indicator of what’s to come in wedding trends and within the industry.

Don’t be surprised if you see shades of purple as the color scheme in upcoming weddings in Metro Detroit. Some of the most popular color schemes right now, that look great in person and are also stunning in photographs, are:

1) lavender and lilac

2) wisteria purple and grey

3) shades of purple

4) orchid purple and gold

5) plum and fuchsia

Key Wedding Color Takeaways

Selecting your color scheme for your special day is an important step in planning your perfect day. It sets the stage for your wedding! And because it is such an important decision, it can sometimes be stressful! But, don’t get stressed! Just listen to your heart! You know the colors that resonate with you! And, if you are still in doubt, lean on your skilled wedding florist for advice and input.

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Featured Wedding: Sarah & Radislav

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